Our Vision

Guaranteed equal justice for all. 



Our Mission

To secure an equitable justice system and ensure high quality legal representation for people facing loss of liberty. 


Our Common Principles

FPDA is community of Public Defenders united around the following common priorities and principles:

  • The Association shall work to ensure a justice system that is just, fair, and merciful;
  • The Public Defenders of Florida shall work to ensure that each circuit has the resources necessary to fulfill our constitutional mission of providing competent and effective representation of indigent persons;
  • Caseload levels for attorneys should be reasonable; and
  • All Assistant Public Defenders and staff should have the ability and acumen to provide competent and ethical representation. 


Our Key Priorities, 2015-2018

  • To increase and stabilize funding for the Florida Public Defenders in order to improve the quality of indigent defense services.
  • To engage and serve our members by providing education and services promoting the professional growth of the Public Defenders and their staff.
  • To advocate for improvement to our justice system.
  • To promote awareness of the Florida Public Defenders and strengthen alliances to accomplish our mission.
  • To continue building and strengthening the organization for the future.


Contact Us

Executive Director: Kristina Wiggins

Bookkeeper: Kathy Clark

Training Coordinator: Sonya Stanley 

Street Address: 103 N. Gadsden St., Tallahassee, FL 32301

Phone: (850) 488 - 6850

Fax: (850) 488 - 4720



Bruce Miller, First Circuit (Treasurer)

Andy Thomas, Second Circuit

Blair Payne, Third Circuit

Charles Cofer, Fourth Circuit

Mike Graves, Fifth Circuit 

Bob H. Dillinger, Sixth Circuit 

James S. Purdy, Seventh Circuit

Stacy A. Scott, Eighth Circuit (Secretary)

H. Rex Dimmig, Tenth Circuit 

Carlos J. Martinez, Eleventh Circuit

Larry L. Eger, Twelfth Circuit

Julianne M. Holt, Thirteenth Circuit

Mark Sims, Fourteenth Circuit

Carey Haughwout, Fifteenth Circuit (President)

Robert Lockwood, Sixteenth Circuit

Howard Finkelstein, Seventeenth Circuit

Blaise Trettis, Eighteenth Circuit

Diamond R. Litty, Nineteenth Circuit

Kathleen A. Smith, Twentieth Circuit 


Chris Ellrich, Investigator, Second Circuit

Montez Carter, Support Staff, Eighth Circuit

Peter Mills, Assistant Public Defender, Tenth Circuit

June Garcia, Administrator, Fourteenth Circuit


Kristina Wiggins


Robert Trammell